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See the sun?

Saturday, 28 February 2009 . 17:23

The toughest times bring the roughest thoughts, and its hard to see the sun when you're walking through a noisy, dark, fumed up tunnel. Sure there are odd electrical lights signalling the way, but some of them are bust, broken, flickering. Rainbows only happen when rainstorm and sunshine collide. The silver lining can only be seen when a dark cloud is covering the sun.

When we cannot see beyond our reach due to fog and mist, all we can do is have faith. We must reach out, and grab hold of The Hand that will guide us through, The Hand that Holds the world.

The poet in me

Electrical power charged up within
Voltage rising beneath the skin
Blood shoots rapidly through the veins
Breaking speeds of electric trains
Taking orders from the brain
To escape far away from pain.
It’s all within, oblivious to Man,
An automatic reaction ever since Life began.
Feelings, emotions beyond control
As we try to jump out of the big black hole.
Anxiety stresses and pressures the hurt
Which tugs and fights and rolls in the dirt
It tries to set itself free from the chains
Stabbing the knife deepening the pain
To produce a crack in the system
A bruised limb, the lights dim,
At the speed of light
The inspiration to write
An evolution ahead of time,
From pain to words, syllables, rhyme,
Hurts and memories to ink on paper
From ice, to water, to vapor,
Unimaginable to the human eye
Whatever the heart cry
The limit’s the sky
To every “why” there’s no reply
This I cannot deny.
But as each letter is drawn
It becomes a swan,
A graceful beauty under the sun’s lighting
As I compose this piece of writing,
My soul exposed, heart in hand,
An art I don’t understand,
As I feel torn and forlorn, I mourn,
And the poet in me is born.

Saturday, 14 February 2009 . 17:48

Simon's latest blog post inspired me to post this video...

I pray that we could each be humble enough to remove our masks, sensitive enough to read through each other's masks, caring enough to accept what hides behind the mask, and loving enough to pull out the true person behind each mask.
Falling in love...
Love is Here, Love is Now, Love is Near!
Being st Valentine's day, many of us seem to forget God and just think about our boyfriend/girlfriend or lack there of! So why not directing this feast to God, as a reminder of His love towards us, of His neverending love no matter in what situation we find ourselves in?

Life's Tango

Tuesday, 10 February 2009 . 21:07

Close your eyes.

Abandon everything around you.



Can you hear the symphony?

Your heart beats to the rhythm of love.

Surrender to the rhythm.

Don’t wait for the music to stop.

Put your shyness and shame aside and let God take the lead in this tango.

And as you steps follow smoothly into His,

you will glide your way across the dance-floor

and dance the music of your life!