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Monday, 30 March 2009 . 18:18

On special request, here's the poem that was read at "Tear It Down".

Hero - by Tine

I’m ordinary, Like a canary,
trapped in a cage of canaries,
All the same, except our name,
We’re lame, we swim in shame, we’re all to blame,
and our aim is solely to win the game...
We do anything in our might to make our wishes come true
And if we hurt someone, then boo-hoo screw you!
The world has become all dark and low
And the more we grow the lower we go
It’s like a vicious cycle, a bottomless well
Where selfishness reigns and where we are destined to hell!

We’re drowning suffocating giving up on climbing up,
We need someone big enough to pull us up.
But who can it be if we’re all in this sea
All in the same damn wreckage sinking deep?

Here’s where the light shines bright in the night
You see? We cannot possibly set ourselves free.
We need a saviour, someone to go the extra mile
And in a little while we become versatile!
It’s all about setting our fine pride aside
About asking for help, for God to provide
For him to decide to merge the divide:
That defied slide, the one found worldwide.

Comics portray heros in plasticky suits
With gloves, a mask and leather boots.
These comic heros are fake, they’re all invented
Sci-Fi filled with discontented and demented,
But our hero, no, He’s the only one
To save mankind He didn’t need a gun
But through His love for His only son
Who died for us, salvation is won...
The shackles that bind us to sin are undone
And a new life has gladly begun!

Our Hero... He saves the lowest of low, the poorest of poor, friend or foe...
He’s our hero!

one step at a time

Thursday, 12 March 2009 . 12:57

So, last time I just posted this video really quickly becaude it struck me, and now I have the time for an explanation! :)
In life, veeeeery often, we find ourselves contemplating about our future. Sometimes we have no idea where we're heading, other times we just want to get there as soon as possible. Often the patience we need to gradually arrive to our destination runs short, and worries and fears bombared our brain!
That is when this song came into the scene. I was talking to a friend of mine about how worried i am about my course, about how many dreams and aspirations I have and how I currently feel this course is not taking me anywhere close to them... so my friend gave me the link to this video, and it was the long-awaited answer to my endless prayers! :)


Friday, 6 March 2009 . 16:14

I love God! I love His constant presence, His everlasting Love, His gentleness, kindness, wisdom and His Fatherly Embrace. The prodigal Son story fascinates me and always will. The son asks his father for his share of the inheritance and sets off to find His own way. Lately its been the same with me and God, I asked for my space, and he permitted it. When the son realised that he would only be happy and fulfilled in his Father's presence back at home, he returned. And so I return too. I returned and found God's loving embrace waiting for me.

I did not physically leave to anywhere, but I walked enough of a distance to feel that I'm nothing and nobody without God. The lenten talks are coming up, and I haven't been so excited about something in quite a while! It's an awesome opportunity to spread God's love and to share our experiences of God with others. Its an opportunity to give hope to the hopeless and love the unloved as well as to open a door to those who find themselves face to the wall.

My heart is burdened because in the career i chose, Social work, I cannot share my values with my clients, and I cannot speak about God and encourage people by telling them about how God's love changed me. But i know I can still touch their lives in different ways, through my actions, my understanding, my listening and my care. God knows where He is leading each and every one of us ... if we could only trust in His lead!!!

"come to me all who are heavy burdened, and I shall give you rest..."
he doesn't only give rest, but he also gives a fresh burst of energy and new life!

Fallen angels

Thursday, 5 March 2009 . 20:36

Life’s a bitch, life is tough,
It’s easy to grumble, huff and puff,
Sadly situations pain us deep within,
Which often forbid us from wearing a grin.

We feel angry and sad give the world our back,
To hide in the shadows we dress in black,
We frown we cringe for a day or two,
And people ask “why are you blue?”

Then comes the day when you hit the bottom,
When you hit yourself hard on the ground,
The day when you feel most forgotten,
You learn a lesson so profound

A tap on the shoulder, a good slap in the face,
An outstretched arm, a warm embrace,
A listening ear, an encouraging smile,
A hand to hold on that extra mile,

A word of wisdom, a steady presence,
A patient soul, a comforting silence,
A shelter, a rest, a shoulder to cry on,
A soothing light, a breaking dawn,

I thank you my friend for being by my side,
For being patient and walking my stride,
I thank you for loving and believing in me,
And foreseeing from now what I’m meant to be

I’ll carry an umbrella to shelter from the rain,
I’ll go to a doctor and heal the pain,
I promise I’ll hang on and hold my head high,
I’ll spread my wings, I’m ready to fly.

I promise I’m here if you’re ever in need,
I’ll push you on to help you succeed,
I’ll pick you up if you ever fall,
And help you climb over the wall,

We are both fallen angels, missing one wing,
We walk these streets thirsting the sky,
So if we lean on one another and join our strengths,
Together, as one, we can fly!

By Martine
The gentleman God is...

Wednesday, 4 March 2009 . 18:48

So I've been having a rough time. Things in life are a little haywire at the moment, and I feel exhausted from struggling with the situations life throws at me. So I kind of politely, and gently, asked God for some space because I felt I was off tangent with my prayers and anything I did for Him was not heartfelt. And that's what I did. I gave myself some space, some thinking time, however still keeping God at a close distance not totally our of the picture.
And honestly, at this point in time I love God more than I have ever loved Him before. I've come to a realisation, that God truly does know us. i mean, think about urself, u act differently with different people, but u remain urself at the same time. its just your approach that changes because people act and behave differently.
Well I believe God does the same. He remains the loving God that He is, but his approach is a little different with each one of us, although His love is unconditional with each one of us.
so myself, as a person, if i get hurt i need a 'time-out', i need my space. And God knows that. So He does give me space. I musn't feel guilty about reacting in these ways with God, coz its who i am, its my true self, its the unmasked me, and God knows that and He surely honours it.
Eventually I will reach a point in my relationship with God when I wouldn't need space from Him, because He and He alone will be all I need at any given time and in any situation. And I truly do pray to reach such a point in life one day...
Life... ooooooooh life!
“Are you upset little friend? Have you been lying awake worrying? Well, don't worry...I'm here. The flood waters will recede, the famine will end, the sun will shine tomorrow, and I will always be here to take care of you." - Charlie Brown to Snoopy